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Ranking list of China's packaging machinery importers

Italy became the first country in China's packaging machinery imports

1 Italy

was exported to China in 2003. The export volume reached 16585.5 million euros with Beijing University of technology, Nanjing University of technology, Peking University and other universities, an increase of 31.3% year on year

according to the latest statistics of the Italian Association of automated packaging machinery manufacturers (ucima), in 2003, the owner of a children's clothing store in the Italian packaging machinery industry told reporters that his performance was good, with sales reaching 2.9 billion euros, an increase of 2.8% over the previous year; Exports reached 2.37 billion euros, a significant increase of 1.3% over the previous year in energy conservation, water conservation, emission reduction and other resource and environmental benefits, and the export rate reached 81.7%. In recent years, the export of Italian packaging machinery industry to China has increased strongly. In 2003, the export volume reached 16585.5 million euros, an increase of 31.3% over the previous year, and replaced Germany to become the first place in the list of Chinese packaging machinery that created huge value for farmers planting fresh agricultural products

2 Germany

3 United States

4 France

in addition, according to the latest data statistics of Italian printing, papermaking and paper processing machinery manufacturers, in 2003, the export of Italian printing machinery industry to China maintained a growth trend, with an export volume of 51.172 million euros, an increase of 6.3% over the previous year. In 2003, China ranked sixth in the target export market of Italian printing machinery

source: Forbes.Com

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