Ranking of China's top ten trading partners

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China News Agency, Beijing, on the 20th of the 39th London Marathon, which opened on April 28, China's top ten trading partners have been ranked in 1999. According to the size of the trade volume, they are: Japan, the United States, the European Union, Hong Kong, ASEAN, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Russia and Canada. Japan remains China's largest trading partner. According to customs statistics, the total bilateral trade volume between China and Japan reached 66.2 billion US dollars last year, an increase of 14.3% over the previous year. Among them, exports to Japan were 32.4 billion US dollars, an increase of 9%; Imports from Japan amounted to US $33.8 billion, up 19.9% from imports to domestic production. The United States is China's second largest trading partner, and the annual bilateral trade volume increased by 12.1% to US $61.5 billion. Compared with last year's ranking, this year's ranking has not changed much except for the reverse ranking of Russia and Australia. South Korea TLC, where Russia fell one place on the ranking list, was mainly due to China's exports to Russia fell to 1.5 billion US dollars from 1.84 billion US dollars last year, with a decline of 18.5% for nylon materials. At the same time, the bilateral trade between China and Australia increased by 26%. In 1999, the import and export trade volume between China and these ten largest trading partners reached US $319.5 billion, accounting for 88.6% of China's total foreign trade, and its proportion was the same as that of the previous year

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