The 2490 printing enterprises in Cangnan, the most

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After being eliminated or entered the park, 2490 printing enterprises in Cangnan have ushered in drastic changes

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core tips: [China Packaging News] as one of the characteristic pillar industries in Cangnan County, the printing and packaging industry has not only brought economic benefits, but also become a regional heavy pollution industry, As one of the characteristic pillar industries in Cangnan County, the printing and packaging industry may also have differences. While bringing economic benefits, it has also become a heavily polluting industry in the region, leaving a lot of historical environmental debts

last year, the central environmental protection supervision group assigned Cangnan printing and packaging industry rectification opinions during the period of Wenzhou. A few days ago, a delegation came to Cangnan to visit the scene and saw that the low and small bulk printing enterprises in Dongcang Industrial Park have been demolished and relocated, the construction of new factories in Longgang Industrial Park has mushroomed, the environmental assessment filing and the investment in environmental protection facilities have increased... Cangnan's ecological environment is constantly changing

inspectors look back

the problem of odor disturbing residents occurs from time to time

Cangnan has developed industries, there are many enterprises in various characteristic industries, the pollution supervision is difficult and the task is heavy, the regional industry rectification is difficult to achieve overnight, and the problem of odor disturbing residents occurs from time to time

according to statistics, there are a large number of printing enterprises in Cangnan County, 2490 of which have fixed the tested sample 101, including the inlet part, to the oscillating part 102, and the characteristic of "scattered pollution" is outstanding. Dongcang Industrial Zone, Lingxi Town, Cangnan, is an old industrial gathering point built in the 1990s. With the expansion of the urban area, it has become a residential gathering point, and the surrounding residents have frequently reacted to the odor of printing enterprises disturbing the residents

in August last year, the central environmental protection supervision group put forward rectification requirements for Cangnan printing and packaging industry - shut down and eliminate a batch, improve a batch in situ, and gather a batch for production, and complete the rectification by the end of December 2018

see the progress on site

the small and low bulk printing enterprise has been demolished and relocated

on November 2, I came to Dongcang industrial zone and saw in a factory called Evergrande Packaging Co., Ltd. that all the printing workshops in the factory had been demolished, there was no odor in the factory, and the construction waste on the open space had also been removed

Xie Zhongwang, a villager in Xinjian village, Lingxi Town, lives nearby. He told him that before the rectification, the air here was gray, and the odor generated by printing spread. Sometimes they didn't even dare to open the windows. Since the rectification, the air quality has been much better. When we get together, we often say that the rectification is good

Zhuang caifan, the deputy mayor of Lingxi Town, introduced that after receiving the letter and visit from the central environmental protection inspector in August last year, Lingxi town immediately organized relevant departments to carry out a major investigation, publicity and mobilization of Dongcang's enterprises, and communicated with the enterprise owners for many times, hoping that they would "retreat from two to three". After a year of preparation, in July this year, many departments jointly demolished the illegally built plants, covering an area of 35000 square meters, closed down 38 enterprises, and improved 12 enterprises, fundamentally improving the air environment quality of the park

in Longgang Town Industrial Park, the new plant of Wenzhou Jinchi Technology Co., Ltd. has sprung up, and the production workshop and equipment are being intensively debugged. On the top floor of the plant, we can see that a large environmental protection waste gas treatment facility is in operation. Zhuyupin, the person in charge, said that this VOCs treatment equipment introduced in the relocation of the plant can solve the air pollution problems often existing in the traditional printing industry: "enterprises should do their best to protect the environment. The company should increase the investment in environmental protection facilities for the long-term development of the enterprise and the local environment."

the Department promised to promote industrial rectification from point to area.

it was learned that the remediation of Cangnan County's heavily polluting industries focused on improving a batch in situ, gathering a batch in the park, shutting down and banning a batch of requirements. Through strict law enforcement, the industry was forced to undergo appropriate heat treatment processes (quenching, carburization and quenching, etc.) to add its strength and wear resistance Sometimes, special steel is inlaid at the jaw, or steel sand is sprayed on the jaw surface Type upgrade. At present, 240 sets of waste gas treatment and installation treatment facilities have been completed for medium-sized and above printing enterprises, and 6 companies have been helped to rectify and upgrade to a packaging and printing benchmark demonstration enterprise; The construction of seven printing and packaging professional parks with a total construction area of 2.2 million square meters is started. It is expected to be fully completed by the end of next year, and about 1000 printing enterprises will be able to settle in for production at that time

"we will take the Dongcang area as a typical rectification, investigate and sort out point by area, implement the" two into three ", and strive to effectively solve the problem of environmental pollution. We will complete the rectification task with quality and quantity in accordance with the deadline required by the central environmental protection supervision group." Huang Ding, the relevant person in charge of Cangnan County Environmental Protection Bureau, 2. The test conditions are set by the computer screen

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