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Hidden rules of the industry "uncover the trade rules of returning home appliances and paying packaging fees?"

after buying home appliances, the cartons and foam used for packaging have to be kept. If there are problems during the three guarantee period, they cannot be returned without the outer packaging. If you want to return or exchange goods, you can pay an extra packaging fee. Such industry regulations set a barrier for barrier free returns touted by merchants, and even some consumers simply give up the maintenance of their rights and interests for the sake of such problems as the low concentration of the expensive packaging industry

no return without packaging

Ms. Zhou in Huanggu District moved to her new house some time ago and went to the mall to buy a 47 inch Philips TV. When delivering the goods, the staff said: don't install the TV yourself, but wait for after-sales service to unpack and install it for you. It's easy to wait until the installer installs the TV. After the TV is installed, the box will be kept for a week. If there is a problem during the warranty period, you can't return it without the box! When the installer left, Ms. Zhou wondered, where is the place to put these things in the newly decorated house? Why don't you care if there is a problem with the box? What's the reason

Mr. Zhang, who was about to get married, also encountered the same problem. He bought a refrigerator last month and moved it home to find that the refrigerator protruded from the reserved place. Mr. Zhang wanted the pin plate friction and wear tester of Jinan Shijin to be more economical than other large friction and wear testers. When he handled the exchange, the salesperson told him that the exchange was ok, but the product packaging should be kept intact. But Mr. Zhang had sold the packing box to the waste collector at the price of 6 yuan. For the packaging fee of 200 yuan, Mr. Zhang had to give up the idea of exchange, but it was awkward to see an extra piece of refrigerator

boxless manufacturers say that their Pu plastic materials have isotropic mechanical properties due to chemical crosslinking. The charge is a trade regulation. After consulting the after-sales service of several home appliance brands, Changhong's customer service staff said: only when there is a quality problem with the goods can they be replaced. If there is no outer packaging, an additional packaging fee of about 150 yuan will be paid. The larger the outer packaging of home appliances, the more expensive it is, and we will implement it according to the manufacturer's regulations

it is best to keep the outer packaging for one month. During this period, as long as there is a quality problem, you can't return the goods without the outer packaging. If you want to return it, we will charge 70 yuan for the packaging carton, and 90 yuan for the foam packaging inside. The customer must first register the model of the goods at our after-sales service station, and the manufacturer will deliver the goods. The customer can go through the replacement procedures after packaging the TV. SKYWORTH TV's after-sales service personnel said. The business operators of household appliances said that it was a trade rule to charge packaging fees when returning goods. All manufacturers stipulated that they should charge packaging fees. As for the amount charged, it should be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the manufacturers

keep packaging when buying home appliances

the survey found that charging packaging fees has become an unwritten industry rule in the home appliance industry. Not only do televisions charge packaging fees, but electrical appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines also charge packaging fees ranging from 100 yuan to 200 yuan

consumers should buy goods with qualified quality. If the goods have quality problems during the normal use of the three guarantee period, merchants should unconditionally replace or return them for consumers, rather than charging extra packaging fees, let alone asking exorbitant prices. Lawyer Liang Xinchun of Liaoning Shenyang law firm believes that businesses should be people-oriented, otherwise they will lose the trust of consumers

in response to this phenomenon, the consumer association suggests that consumers should properly keep the outer packaging of household appliances for a period of time after purchasing them. In this way, we can reduce some unnecessary trouble when returning and changing goods

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