The 20th Turkey International Packaging Exhibition

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The 20th Turkey International Packaging Exhibition 2014

the 20th Turkey International Packaging Exhibition 2014

exhibition time: September, 2014

exhibition venue: tuyap Exhibition Center, Istanbul, Turkey

organizer: reed tuyap exhibition Inc.

Chinese agent: Hong Kong Huizhan International Group

choose Turkey, Qiaodong Eurasia's 10billion US yuan packaging market using lighter parts and advanced materials in production. In recent years, the amount of Turkish procurement in China has increased by no less than 14.8% every year. Most of the products are still packaged and pasted with local brands after returning home, and the packaging materials purchased in China also show a sharp upward trend

exhibition Description:

Turkey international packaging exhibition was founded in 1994, with a history of 19 years. It is the oldest professional packaging exhibition in Turkey. With an area of 98000 square meters and 11 pavilions, the exhibition is the third largest exhibition in the field of packaging in Europe. The exhibition received continuous support from leading industry associations, including the recognition of the global Exhibition Association (UFI certification), the Turkish Packaging Industry Association (ASD), the Turkish Packaging Machinery Association (AMD), the label Manufacturers Association (ESD), the carton packaging Association (kasad), the metal packaging production association (MASD) and other associations

in 2013, it attracted 1200 exhibitors from all over the world, from Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Malaysia, France, Finland, Denmark, the United States, the United Kingdom, China and other countries. Among them, more than 100 new enterprises participated in the exhibition, including the well-known enterprise Beckhoff t rk? YE, BENTO BANT ILIK VE TEM? ZL? K N.T? C.A.? And SMC PN mat? K. Internationally renowned exhibitors include Nitto denko, bajf, simec, SACMI, wipack, zalkin and goglio spa. 45207 professional exhibitors from 84 countries, of which 91.5% are local visitors, 8.5% are international visitors, and 69% of exhibitors received orders of US $20000 to US $200000 after the exhibition. 92% of the visitors said they would continue to participate in the 2014 exhibition. Professional buyers are from Germany, Kenya, Iraq, Iran, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and France, as well as Central Asia, East Asia, the Middle East and other regions

market background:

Turkey's economic growth rate reached 8% in 2010, becoming the country with the highest growth rate in Europe and surrounding regions and the fourth highest growth rate in the world. In 2011, Turkey's GDP grew by more than 8%, some at 0.01~500 mm/min%, and its development speed was only second to China

packaging is a necessary step for commodities to enter the market, and packaging commodities must also be inseparable from various packaging materials and machinery. The consumption level of packaging products in Turkey has entered a high-speed rise with the development of the world level. With the rapid expansion of the retail market, the use of various packaging products by end consumers has also increased rapidly. In the past three years, Turkey's packaging industry has increased at an average rate of 10% per year. In 2011, Turkey's packaging industry reached US $9billion. The annual consumption of materials used for product packaging is about 3.5 million tons, of which 37% is used for flexible packaging products, cartons and corrugated boxes, 22% for metal packaging products, 20% for plastic packaging products, 13% for wooden packaging products and 8% for glass packaging products

in terms of printing and packaging, Turkey has 13500 printing and packaging enterprises, including 3200 enterprises with more than 100 employees. At present, there are 5000 different kinds of packaging enterprises in Turkey, most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises. Among the 500 large enterprises, there are 18 packaging machinery manufacturers, which are distributed in Istanbul, Izmir, Kocaeli, Gaziantep, Adana, Konya and Balikesir

packaging products are mainly exported to 19 countries that can control the opening of conditioning bags, the packaging speed of packaging machines and other production processes and use requirements, mainly European Union countries. In 2010, the top 10 countries are Germany, Britain, France, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia and Greece

per capita packaging consumption is an indicator of living. In 2010, per capita consumption in Turkey was 109 US dollars per person, but it is far lower than the level of the world and Eastern Europe, 130 US dollars per person, North America and Canada, and 550 US dollars per person in Japan. However, according to relevant government departments, it is expected to reach 125 US dollars per person in 2011 and 300 US dollars per person in 2023

exhibition content:

1 packaging machinery and accessories: use σ 0.2 refers to vacuum packaging machine, box pasting machine, bag making machine, filling, filling, sealing, sealing, labeling machinery, packaging machinery, daily chemical products packaging machinery, plastic flexible packaging equipment, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, plastic machinery, various die-cutting tool accessories, etc

2 packaging materials: coextrusion, stretch film blowing, foaming sheet, cardboard and paper cylinder, aluminum foil, adhesive tape, hot melt adhesive processing machinery, plastic packaging materials, metal packaging materials, food packaging materials, drug packaging materials, green environmental protection packaging materials, etc

3 packaging containers: plastic packaging containers, metal packaging containers, glass packaging containers, green packaging technology, packaging anti-counterfeiting technology, packaging design, packaging technology, packaging publishing media, etc.

4 corrugated honeycomb paperboard equipment, carton machinery, cartons, paper tapes, pulp, etc; Packaging semi-finished products, finished products

5 food processing equipment and machinery: food packaging equipment and machinery, food packaging containers, packaging materials, food testing instruments, testing equipment, refrigeration machinery and equipment, baking and catering materials and equipment, grain and oil processing machinery and equipment

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