The 240000 ton propylene oxide plant of Wanhua che

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Wanhua chemical's 240000 ton propylene oxide unit plans to complete trial production in the near future

according to many industry insiders, the 240000 ton propylene oxide unit of Wanhua chemical is expected to be commissioned at the end of June and early July. At present, compared with the previous system, the preparation work is in progress as planned

great wisdom news agency consulted Wanhua chemical insiders based on this, and responded that the company expected to install its compression force at the end of June. The chief commander of the aerospace technology experiment project of the space station project of the Fifth Academy of China Aerospace Science and technology group was 20 to 30 kg force. In order to get through the whole line, it still needed time to reach full load

propylene oxide is an extension of the polyurethane industrial chain of Wanhua chemical. According to the Research Report of China Merchants Securities, by building an integrated industrial chain of "LPG propylene propylene epoxy propane polyether polyol composite polyether", Wanhua has firmly mastered the technology to change the supply of upstream raw materials in the future and avoid the impact of raw material price fluctuations. On the other hand, it has reduced the transaction costs of all links, which is conducive to obtaining profits in all links

listed companies related to propylene oxide include Binhua shares (), Fangda chemical (), etc. The gross profit margins of Fangda chemical and Binhua propylene oxide in 2014 were 19.40% and 19.42% respectively. Among them, Binhua achieved a net profit of 362million yuan in 2014, with a year-on-year increase of 43.15%. Propylene oxide accounted for 62% of the main business income, and was the main profit point of Binhua

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