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The 25th anniversary of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.: the 25th anniversary of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. will enter the channel of sustainable development in the future.

the 25th anniversary of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.: the 25th anniversary of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. will enter the channel of sustainable development in the future.

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on September 28, a warm and warm theme activity for the 25th anniversary of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Zoomlion science and technology park. Zhan Chunxin, the founder and chairman of Zoomlion, long Guojian, Li Youmin, Liu Anyuan, Wang Chunyang, Xu Wuquan, xuminghua, Chen Xuhui, the old leaders of Zoomlion, and all the executives and employees of Zoomlion in Changsha attended and witnessed this unforgettable moment

Zoomlion welcomes its 25th anniversary

records the development history of Zoomlion's innovation in testing links such as electric pull, general load, displacement, deformation, etc. the wall is engraved with 25 glorious years - from 25 years ago, 20 and 40 times of objective lens can participate in measurement. Chairman Zhan Chunxin led 7 scientific researchers to start their own businesses with nothing, and now Zoomlion has grown into an international and continuous upward development. "Industrialization of science and technology, industrialization of science and technology, and globalization of development" have become the driving force driving Zoomlion to continue to move forward

the history wall of Zoomlion, which carries 25 glorious years of development

the clock points to 9:28, and the theme activity of the 25th anniversary celebration of Zoomlion officially begins. A song "I and my motherland" and "Ode to Zoomlion" make all Zoomlion people excited and have thousands of thoughts

Zoomlion good voice contestants offer music and blessings to the company

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is represented in the footage of "25 · to youth" Si Qing blessing video, one by one of the major projects attracting worldwide attention and one by one of the brilliant achievements of innovative development. In the camera, there are old leaders who support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial partners who work together mainly for the environmental stiffness of cement pipes ≥ 10kn/㎡, and a new generation of Zoomlion people who have just joined the company at the same age. They all send the most sincere blessings to the company, and also inspire the current Zoomlion people not to forget the extraordinary years of entrepreneurship 25 years ago and their original intention of daring to fight and do

the poem recitation "if time can speak" recalls with the warmest voice 25 the scenes of Zoomlion in the middle-aged years of the practical use of parts, from the start-up, the production of the first concrete transfer pump, from the listing of A-share and H-share, to the product going global and finally shining on the world stage. Zoomlion, after time hardening, has become a leader in the country's heavy weapons, Every step of the journey is treasured in time

poetry recitation "if time can speak..."

in a happy atmosphere, chairman Zhan Chunxin, the old leaders and the senior management team gave 10 lucky employees their Autographed readings of Zoomlion's corporate culture

finally, I wish Zoomlion's 25th birthday cake was pushed to the stage. Chairman Zhan Chunxin and all employees made a birthday wish for the company

Zoomlion never forgets its original intention and moves forward in youth

Zoomlion has passed the 25th anniversary. Chairman Zhan Chunxin has used more than ten thanks to express his gratitude: thank the party and the state for their good policies, thank the governments at all levels for their care, thank the friends and customers who supported Zoomlion all the way, thank the old leaders and entrepreneurial team when it started, thank the executives of Zoomlion, and thank all the employees and their families of Zoomlion, I also want to thank those former employees who have made contributions to Zoomlion in the past for their dedication and dedication. Finally, he especially thanked the engineers of Zoomlion North America R & D center who came all the way, and thanked them for sending better products for Zoomlion scientific research

finally, chairman Zhan Chunxin delivered an important speech. He said that Zoomlion, 25, was indeed a young man. This young man had grown rapidly for 20 years and was beaten to the floor, but this young man stood up today. "From 1992 to 2012, Zoomlion has been developing rapidly for 20 years, which once amazed the world; from 2013 to 2017, Zoomlion almost moved forward in the mud pit, taking self-healing to move forward slowly; today, it can be said that Zoomlion has embarked on the path of sustainable development, and will usher in development, development and redevelopment in the future! God rewards diligence, Zoomlion will be better with your efforts!"

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