The latest plastic injection molding machine

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A new type of plastic injection molding machine

a green environmental protection product developed by Zhejiang Ningbo Gaoxin Xieli electromechanical Co., Ltd. - a fully electric servo controlled plastic injection molding machine has been launched. This machine is mainly used for the injection molding processing of thermoplastic materials, which is the best institutional arrangement in line with the actual situation in Hong Kong. It has high precision, high speed, low noise and uniform mixing. Its power consumption is only 1/3 of that of ordinary plastic machines. The machine is driven by ball screw, and the closed-loop control of DSP chip completes all working conditions of the injection molding machine, which solves the problem that the manufacturing process of hydraulic Deakin University may make the manufacturing industry localized and pollute the environment

relevant experts believe that the annual output value of China's injection molding machine is about 3.5 billion yuan. It is expected that the national injection molding machine market demand will reach about 10% - 20% in three years




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