The latest pet plastic beer bottle was launched in

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The new pet plastic should be "zeroed" or self revised before measurement. Beer bottles are launched in Germany

the number of beer packaged in 0.5-liter PET bottles has soared in the German market. Due to its light weight (only 28g) and large output, this single-layer PET bottle will win a larger market share

at present, some German dealers have begun to bottle various beverages with pet. PET beer bottles produced by Belgian brewery Martens adopt ACTIS barrier coating technology of French Sidel company, that is, a very thin layer of carbide is coated on the wall of single-layer PET bottles. Martens has three sets of ACTIS 20 coating demand rework equipment, with a PET bottle production capacity of 180million/year. It is the world's largest beer packaging barrier PET bottle production line

the design department of the French Sidel company is responsible for designing this new bottle. The specification and shape of the bottle are mapped and analyzed by computer, so that the bottle can achieve the optimal quality/performance ratio. In order to reduce the cost, a lot of work has been done to reduce the weight of the bottle. Finally, this half liter beer bottle weighs only 28g, which is said to be the lightest PET beer bottle in the world. But it can also be made into a single space

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