The latest packaged edible oil has appeared on the

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The newly packaged "edible oil" has appeared on the stage in major supermarkets

recently, the newly packaged edible oil has appeared on the stage in major supermarkets in Rongcheng

the outer packaging of the newly packaged edible oil and the reduction of electric shock have been marked with grades, and the production process has been indicated as "pressing" or "leaching", as well as the origin of raw materials and whether soybeans are genetically modified products

it is reported that the price of edible oil, which uses the new packaging tensile test to provide a relatively simple and low-cost technology for developing or evaluating the mechanical properties of metal materials, remains unchanged. The price of each 5L of soybean oil ranges from 30 yuan to 40 yuan, mixed oil from 40 yuan to 50 yuan, and peanut oil from 70 yuan to 80 yuan

insiders therefore said that the national mandatory standard for edible oil will be implemented on October 1, and the new packaged products of various brands of edible oil will be put on the market in succession recently

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