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The new coating helped Honda reach the top of Aragorn, and stora looked forward to the championship. From September 17 to 18, MotoGP came to Aragorn circuit in Spain in the 2011 season. Two weeks ago, the victory of Yamaha driver Lorenzo in Misano largely kept the suspense of the championship this season. The nine points lost by Stena are not the most worrying thing for Honda, and the health problems of Australians are probably the most critical at present. According to Stena after the Misano race, although he was behind Lorenzo at the beginning of the race, he felt very good about the car and tires. At that time, he didn't think it was necessary to rush to push himself to the limit. But soon, he suddenly felt very tired and lost the chance to catch up with the car in front of him. Stora has a long history of physical problems. In 2009 season, he lost the chance to win the championship early because of stomach disease. In the situation of winning the championship this year, his body once again lit a red light. It is the so-called injury is stronger than the tiger. Compared with Lorenzo, I am afraid this is the biggest obstacle for the Australian to win the second championship in his career

newly painted Honda

after narrowing the point gap with leader Stena, Yamaha team has once again received good news in recent days - two drivers of the team, Lorenzo and Spitz, have decided to participate in the MaoMu station in Japan in October. According to the original plan, Yamaha will hold a series of celebrations to participate in the 50th anniversary of MotoGP during the maugi station. If Lorenzo and Spitz cannot be present, it will be a great pity. Lorenzo's participation undoubtedly produced a domino effect in Honda team. It is believed that in the current tense Championship situation, stora will not watch Lorenzo go to Japan alone to win 25 points. In addition to the drivers of the championship team, the driver Rossi, who previously said that he would not go to Japan to achieve a win-win situation, also announced that he would go to Japan before Aragon. When asked why he changed his previous position, Rossi said that from the current situation, the MaoMu track was safe enough, so he had no reason not to go

without the pressure of achievement, Rossi obviously regards the 2011 season as the foreshadowing of the next season. In Aragon station, Rossi will give up carbon fiber frame and use aluminum frame instead. He hopes this change can help him save some time. As far as I can think, it was because of the inadaptability of Stoner to the carbon fiber frame last year (editor's note: Stoner once said that the front wheels of racing cars always inexplicably suddenly lose grip) that he lost the opportunity to compete for the championship early. He clamped the standard tension sample of the corresponding force value on the experimental machine. This year, Rossi also suffered from the choice of frame. Ducati wants to return to the championship in 2012, and there is still a lot of work to do. What made the Italian team feel helpless was that the Aragon circuit had power problems on Friday, and the second free practice had to be cancelled. Rossi also reluctantly said that the reduction of practice time is a huge loss for them. In qualifying on Saturday, stora played bravely and won the 9th pole position of his personal season. His teammate Pedrosa was second, Yamaha driver Spitz was third, and Lorenzo only ranked fourth. After the match, the defending champion said it was almost impossible to win the championship in Aragon. Rossi suffered the freezing point of his career again in Ducati. The result of the 13th qualifying was enough for him to be depressed. After the game, he announced that he would temporarily replace the car engine and was fined to start from the maintenance area in the final. It was really a rainy night

after the final departure, although Yamaha driver Spitz once climbed to the top, the gap in car performance made him quickly return the leading position to Honda's Stena and Pedrosa. Lorenzo was unable to challenge Honda due to the adjustment of the car and could only stay in the fourth position. After a few laps, glesney driver simoncelli gradually kept up with the leading group, and successively surpassed Lorenzo and Spitz of Yamaha to rise to third place. However, a driving error made simoncelli quickly return his position to the non-ferrous metal industry, and his deeds fell sharply year-on-year to Yamaha double star. Rossi, who started from the maintenance area, attacked a group of drivers in the second half of the race and rose to No. 9

in the final stage of the game, Lorenzo gradually found a feeling and rose to third place after surpassing his teammates. And Spitz also failed to hold the fourth position, and he was soon overtaken by simoncelli. Finally, stora, who used the commemorative coating, took the lead in hitting the line and easily won the eighth championship of the season. Pedrosa ranked second and Lorenzo ranked third. Rossi was overtaken by clauccino at the last minute and only got 10th. Elias and cabirosi both withdrew from the race after a collision. After the end of this race, stora further expanded his leading edge. The defending champion Lorenzo has fallen 44 points behind him, and the suspense of the annual champion has become smaller and smaller

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