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Xintu launched an upgraded version of fit m thermal CTP plate

Chengdu Xintu new materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xintu), China's leading manufacturer of CTP plate, launched a number of new technology products at the 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (China print 2013). Among them, the upgraded fit m thermal CTP plate has attracted a lot of attention

for China's CTP market, where the annual installed capacity of CTP plate making machines has exceeded 5000, the investment of Chinese printing enterprises in CTP tends to be more rational, and puts forward stricter requirements for the production efficiency, production stability and comprehensive investment cost of CTP

the upgraded fit m thermal CTP plate is based on the thermal CTP plate of fit series, which has been popular for ten years, and improves the formulation process again, making the CTP plate making performance more superior. 1 Mechanical properties include stable strength, while greatly reducing the use of chemicals. On the one hand, it reduces the pressure of environmental pollution, on the other hand, it also saves costs for customers and improves production efficiency

it can be said that the upgraded fit m thermal CTP plate is the most suitable thermal CTP plate for Chinese printing enterprises in the post CTP era in China

chi and these newly generated VOCs can't be removed by equipment. Na print 2013, Xintu (Booth No.: e) allows you to appreciate the upgraded fit m thermal CTP plate, provides you with a better solution, and allows you to quickly seize the opportunity

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