The Ministry of transport will reassess the bridge

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The Ministry of transport will reassess the bridge condition grade

the Ministry of transport will reassess the bridge condition grade

Minister of transport Li Shenglin said that on February 15, the Ministry of transport deployed the working environment of the post disaster spring fatigue testing machine and the normal protection of the equipment for highway restoration, requiring transportation departments at all levels to shift from the emergency state to the recovery stage. As the temperature warms up, in order to prevent secondary disasters such as re icing, mud boiling and slope collapse caused by ice and snow melting, which affect traffic safety and highway smoothness, the Ministry of transport requires all regions to strengthen daily inspections and take effective measures to deal with potential safety hazards

in addition, the Ministry of transport requires a comprehensive inspection of bridges in disaster stricken sections, especially for sections that undertake the task of highway diversion, the road administration department should carefully check the stress condition of load-bearing structures and reassess the technical condition grade of bridges. Remove the snow melting agent attached to the bridge deck in time, and take rust removal and corrosion prevention measures for rusted steel members in time; Bridges with serious damage should be included in the reconstruction project of dangerous bridges in time to ensure the safe operation of bridges. Guo Kun of Beijing Times

the Ministry of education has allocated the school building maintenance fund

yesterday, it was learned from the Ministry of education that the central special fund for the maintenance and reconstruction of rural primary and secondary school buildings in the spring semester of 2008 has been allocated to all provinces

the finance and education departments of the affected provinces should take measures according to local conditions to allocate funds to the affected counties within 20 working days after the central special fund budget is issued; The affected counties should allocate the funds to specific project schools within 15 working days after receiving the special funds. The affected provinces should give prominence to the construction of school buildings damaged by the disaster, ensure that there are no school building safety accidents after the disaster, ensure the safety of teachers and students' lives and property, and ensure the smooth and normal operation of school teaching and life order. Its thickness is 3mm and 6mm, so as to ensure the harmony and stability of the campus

Beijing Times Zhou Yi this year, kiefel also organized all its packaging businesses into a kiefel packaging division Mei

- dialogue · Jin Lei, Deputy Secretary General of China Disaster Prevention Association

a unified department should be established for national comprehensive disaster reduction management

"In order to avoid the overlapping of government functions, improve the administrative efficiency of disaster prevention and mitigation, and reduce the cost increase caused by repeated construction, it is imperative for China to establish a national Ministry of comprehensive disaster reduction management." Jin Lei, Deputy Secretary General of the China Disaster Prevention Association, expert of the Beijing Municipal People's government expert advisory group and Safety Adviser of the 29th Olympic Organizing Committee, wrote his proposal in a 10000 word long letter and sent it to the relevant departments yesterday

large cities should consider diversified disaster reduction

: what is the biggest enlightenment for us after the snow and sunny weather

Jin Lei: as a scientific and technological worker in disaster research, we can think of more similar problems and laws through the snow disaster. At present, the population density of some cities has reached more than 100000 people per square kilometer. Such a dense living environment and such a large-scale economic demand have increased great pressure on water supply, drainage and power supply, which are the only experiments that do not damage the mechanical function of the test piece, such as oil supply, gas supply and rescue. In the face of emergencies, cities can only use diversified means of disaster reduction to solve problems. In this snow disaster, all kinds of technical means were applied in an all-round way to make the rescue and disaster relief more efficient. When the traffic is blocked, open up new roads with electronic maps; Power failure, power supply by mobile power station; Poor communication, relying on satellite communication... After the snow disaster rescue by high-tech means, the rescuers are even stronger. In the face of the urgent situation of emergency disaster relief, it is not only necessary to make emergency consultation, formulate scientific and technological disaster relief plans and technical points, but also to unblock channels and vigorously disseminate the information of scientific and technological disaster relief. It is important to start all kinds of applicable technologies in an all-round way

the emergency plan should be combined with normal construction

: how important does the emergency plan play in the face of "disasters"

Jin Lei: since the SARS incident in 2003, China has vigorously promoted the national and regional construction of emergency plans. The experience of developed countries and the United Nations in the construction of early warning and emergency response systems has proved that the emergency response system of any disaster depends on the coordination of basic normal disaster prevention and mitigation construction. Only for the long-term capacity-building of disaster prevention and mitigation can early warning and risk avoidance become a reality. The characteristic of modern disaster response is to be cautious and fully prepared, and to always maintain a sense of hardship

a unified department should be set up for comprehensive disaster reduction

: what experience should be learned from the safety layout in 2008

Jin Lei: after the snow disaster, we must adjust and review all kinds of emergency plans, not only to have enough emergency plans, but also to review their relationship in key linkage links. Taking the snow disaster in 2008 as an example, there are so many areas involved that we must learn from the practices of developed countries and establish a unified comprehensive disaster reduction management department while strengthening comprehensive disaster reduction. I suggest that on the basis of the emergency response office of the State Council, we can reorganize the coordination system into a unified emergency safety command organization. No matter what disaster happens or where the disaster occurs, the Department will uniformly arrange emergency disaster relief and rescue activities under the guidance of the State Council to improve work efficiency

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