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The mission of China's printing machinery: enter Europe

Germany's sgaditz Printing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (PMS) is a traditional enterprise located in Saxony, Germany. As a professional supplier of large German printing machinery manufacturers, PMS company has won extensive praise in the past few years. At present, the company has launched a small-scale semi-automatic flat sheet offset press. The direct economic losses caused by it account for about 6% to 8% of the total annual national production of the United States, Japan, the European Community and other countries, mainly for small printing plants

until 2003, the Volkswagen Beetle produced in Mexico had millions of satisfied customers worldwide. The operators in the car first put the measuring workpiece on the workbench and work hard. The components and information display are increasing every year. For example, dacialogan car with a price of only 8600 Euros can be purchased in the market. Of course, people can improve the car technically. Maybe a slight improvement can bring miracles, and maybe such improvement can lead to better economic benefits for customers

with this idea, Mr. Barr, President of PMS, had this idea: improve and develop China's printing machinery so that it can be sold in the European market. Now you can see a four-color offset press with German technology and our focus on regenerative medical safety standards at the drupa exhibition. According to Mr. Barr, at present, many printing plants in Germany, like those in other parts of Europe, use printing machines with specifications of 50cmx70cm, and also often use machines with specifications of A3. Due to the increasing trend of short version printing, the orders received by printing plants are also rising. This trend has become more and more obvious in the past few years. Several traditional printing machine manufacturers provide relatively expensive and highly automated printing machines. PMS company has reached an agreement with a Chinese printing machine manufacturer to introduce devices made in China and improve them according to German safety standards and with our technical know-how

every printing factory can purchase printing machinery from abroad. But it is difficult to test the cost performance and quality of the machine. For many printing plants, if they can obtain such machines from German enterprises, they will have a certain sense of security

Phoenix machine is a four-color offset press with A3 specification. PMS company has improved its ink and water system. The ink system of this machine has four plate rollers to ensure the uniform printing distribution of ink. The water system passes through two rollers, which can reduce the alcohol content (not more than 8%). On the paper feeder, the substrate (thickness from 0,04 to 0,4) is transferred to the belt driven paper transfer table through the high stack. At the precisely adjustable front gauge, the paper can be positioned by the mechanical side pull gauge The paper receiving place is equipped with a powder spraying device

another feature of this machine is its compact manufacturing form. Only about 26 square meters of production area is needed. Each customer can decide the Phoenix "wing extension distance" according to their actual needs. The machine has been tested by the German safety testing agency and has been marked with CE. We believe that the development trend of printing in other countries is similar to that in Germany. In the future, we can also provide services to customers in other countries outside Germany

first of all, we should consider the need to test the range of material tension. The goal of PMS company is to improve the machine in order to produce an improved printing machine. To this end, we have cooperated with many companies, ranging from paper manufacturers to manufacturers specializing in printing machinery, in order to meet the different wishes of different customers. All guarantees, services and support will come from Germany

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