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Ministry of land and resources: "13th five year plan" will strengthen the geological exploration of clean energy

Ministry of land and resources: "13th five year plan" will strengthen the geological exploration of clean energy

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2016 China prospectors annual meeting "was recently held in Hefei, Anhui Province. At the meeting, Wang Kun, director of the Department of geological exploration of the Ministry of land and resources, said that during the "13th five year plan", China's geological exploration work should be adjusted and optimized, pay more attention to quality and efficiency, focus on clean energy, strategic emerging industries and other minerals, vigorously promote green exploration, and realize the major transformation of geological work from resource-based to resource and environment

Wang Kun said that only by maintaining the real domestic manufacturers will it be very cheap. The required resource support ability is the "ballast stone" to participate in the global resource allocation. According to him, the five-year goal of the prospecting breakthrough has been successfully achieved, and China's resource reserves have increased significantly, reversing the situation that consumption is greater than new growth

he also said that in the process of the strategic action of mineral exploration breakthrough, China invested 562.3 billion yuan in mineral exploration, an increase of 38% over the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", of which social funds accounted for 84%. 736 large and medium-sized deposits, 11 100 million ton oil fields and 13 100 billion cubic meters of gas fields were found. Among the 17 key minerals, 10 target minerals such as natural gas, uranium and gold have been completed or exceeded

in view of the current mineral exploration situation, Wang Kun believes that the contradiction between supply and demand of China's mineral resources has been alleviated, but resource constraints will exist for a long time; Implementing the strategic action of prospecting breakthrough is an important measure to give full play to the institutional advantages and guide and mobilize the whole society to pursue long-term goals

he believes that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the focus of geological exploration work should be adjusted and optimized. The reserve target should pay more attention to quality and efficiency, and the four major domestic lithium battery material related enterprises are expected to usher in global competitive opportunities; The spatial layout should avoid natural reserves; The main minerals will be transferred to clean energy and strategic emerging industries; Exploration means should vigorously promote green exploration; Shale gas and coalbed methane should be tackled with emphasis. The exploration of natural gas hydrate will be strengthened and trial production will be carried out. Deep sea and deep earth will become the breakthrough frontier

"globally, the new demand and supply of mineral resources in the future are mainly overseas." Wang Kun said that domestic demand will remain high in the next decade, but the increase is small. "The new domestic supply mainly makes up for the decline of existing production capacity, and the resource shortage in the future may be input-oriented. Geological work will realize a major transformation from resource-based to equal emphasis on resources and environment"

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