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A brief introduction to the making method and process of business cards

a small business card looks simple, but it is quite troublesome to make. It needs the following eight processes to get into your hands. Meanwhile, you also have to participate in the preliminary work of business card production. You should choose the printing method, printing difficulty and printing paper of business card; You also have to provide the specific content of the business card and the general design idea; Most of the time you have to proofread, especially for complex business cards with high requirements, which are requested by businesses. The post-processing of business cards is also complex, requiring professional equipment and skilled operators. In the past, we had to go to the business card printing shop to print in person. A box of business cards may have to go many times. Fortunately, with the Internet, it is now simple. You can tap the keyboard while drinking coffee to find the best business card making scheme for you in a relaxed and comfortable way. If you are not satisfied with all the solutions we provide. 2. It is transparent or translucent. You can play it at will according to your ideas, and design your own business card. Even the proofreading can be omitted. How happy! When you finish ordering the business card, you may want to know something about the making process of the business card. We will introduce it to you below

first, determine the printing method. If you want to print business cards, you must first determine your printing method, because different printing methods will decide to use different business card carriers, and also affect the printing price of business cards

1. Computer business cards: the printing of business cards can be completed by using computers and laser printers. The business card paper adopts 292197mm paper, and each paper can be used to make ten business cards. Its characteristics are: printing speed is extremely fast, typesetting and printing can be completed at one go, and a box of simple business cards can be completed within 30 minutes from order receiving, typesetting to delivery. Disadvantages: Black laser printing, unit identification is not easy to play; Color laser printing costs more than offset business cards

2. Offset business card printing: business card printing can only be completed with the cooperation of computer, laser printer, plate printer and business card offset printer. The business card paper adopts 9055mm business card special paper, and each paper can only print one business card. Its characteristics are: it can fully express all the creativity of business cards, and it is a relatively high-end business card printing form at present. Disadvantages: slow printing speed, long delivery cycle and high price

3. Special business cards: business cards can be printed only with the cooperation of computers, laser printers, plate printers and small screen printers. Business cards use other media except paper. The media size is generally 9055mm, and each can only print one business card. Its characteristics are: the general media is thicker and harder than the business card paper, which is suitable for high-end and personalized business cards. The grades vary according to the use of media. Disadvantages: silk printing is complex, business card media are very spare, business card customization cycle is long, and the price is expensive

4. Digital business cards: the main surface printing of business cards is the same as that of special business cards, but the back has to be further processed. The business cards are made of plastic media, and the back has a digital recording coating. The media size is 9257mm, and each business card can only be printed. Its characteristics are: it can record several sub information such as files, pictures, DVDs, sounds, etc. it is the latest business card type at present. Disadvantages: it must be customized, with minimum quantity requirements, long production cycle and high price

second, printing is difficult and easy to choose. You must choose the way of printing business cards. You must also choose the printing times of business cards, which is also the color of business cards to be printed. The color of business cards is also one of the important indicators to determine the price of business cards. At the same time, you have to choose whether the business card is printed on one side or on both sides. The increase of printing surface means the increase of printing times, and also means the increase of color and price installed on the upper and lower chucks of the experimental machine respectively

1. Color selection: the color of business cards can be divided into monochrome, double color, color and true color to determine different printing times. Because three primary colors can form colors, pure color patterns do not have black, and the color of pictures is not full without black color. We often say that color patterns are composed of four colors, also known as true color. Although some offset business cards do not carry pictures, they are also composed of three colors, which are also color business cards; Although the computer color business card is called color, it is printed in black. Because its pattern is color, it is also called color business card. The color of computer business card is not determined by the number of printing colors

2. Single and double-sided selection: the double-sided selection of business card printing single is the selection of printing times. The number of business card printing surfaces is directly related to the price

III. business card content when you want to print a business card, you must also determine the content to be printed on the business card. The main body of the business card is the information provided on the business card. The business card information is mainly composed of text, pictures (patterns) and unit logo. Digital information is also one of them, but it cannot constitute the mainstream of the business card

1. Information selection: text information includes company name, name of business card holder, title and contact method. Some business cards also have business scope, a variety of text choices, and the company's motto or auspicious words

2. Logo selection: if unit users have their own company logo, most of them should print business cards. If your company is a large national enterprise, our database may contain your company's logo, which you can choose from; If you don't have your logo, you have to use email or fax it to us. If you agree with us to collect your logo, you don't need to pass on the logo next time you print your business card

3. Picture selection: you can also choose to print personal photos, pictures, shading, calligraphy works and simple maps in your business card to make your business card more personal. If you use offset printing or laser printing, you don't have to consider the size of the picture; If you use silk screen printing, due to the low resolution of simple silk screen printing, it is recommended to use larger pictures

IV. business card design you need to print business cards and find out your favorite business card template according to your personal preferences. If you are not satisfied with the template, you can design it yourself; If you don't want to work too hard, we can design for you, but you still have to provide your general requirements and bear the design cost

1. Use templates: in the business card center, we have placed a large number of representative excellent templates printed in the past according to different printing methods of business cards for you to choose when customizing business cards. Over time, we will remove some outdated templates and continue to add some new templates. If you are a member of our shop and have printed business cards in our shop, you also authorize us to temporarily store your business card sample. Next time you print a business card, you only need to report your name and password. If you want to change it, you still have to customize it again

2. Design by yourself: if you can design a business card by yourself, it is undoubtedly the best choice. Only you can best understand your own needs. You can play at will, but also saves the trouble of proofreading again and shortens the delivery time of business cards. You can use word, pagemark, and other popular typesetting software to design, and then upload it to us

3. We can do it for you: we can also design distinctive business cards for you, so that you can add icing on the cake in your foreign exchanges. However, our services will charge you business card design fees according to the difficulty you require

v. business card typesetting and proofreading in order to make you completely satisfied, the business cards we have arranged must be sent to you for proofreading (except for the business cards that have not been changed before printing). If you send a change request, we will send it to you for confirmation after we have changed it, until it is OK. We will not start printing until we receive your confirmation email or fax

1. Computer typesetting: we will use professional business card typesetting software to typeset business cards. If users use email proofreading, the typeset business cards will not be printed until the proofreading is OK; If the customer indicates to proofread by fax, you can print the draft for proofreading until it is OK

2. Email: the main way we send back confirmation emails. If we get the reply email of typesetting confirmation, we can print business cards

3. Fax: if the customer indicates to proofread by fax, you can print a draft first, and then print the business card after getting the customer's signature on the draft

VI. business card printing at present, there are three main types of business card printing, the simplest is laser printing, followed by offset printing, and silk printing is the most complex. At present, laser printing and offset printing are widely used, while silk printing is relatively rare

1. Laser printing: it is the most widely used printing method at present. Offset printing and silk are also inseparable from laser printing, and their simple plate making is also completed by laser printing. At present, laser printing can be divided into black and color, which can make computer business cards of different grades

2. Offset printing: it is the most used business card printing method at present. Its use is much more complicated than computer business cards. First, the designed business card sample should be printed on the transfer paper, or into a printing film (wired color picture), and then the business card sample on the transfer paper or film should be dried on the PS printing plate dedicated to business cards with a plate printer, and the dried PS plate can be printed with a business card offset printer

3. Silk printing: it is rarely used in business card printing because it is not suitable for paper printing. Like offset printing, silk printing also needs to print the designed business card sample on the transfer paper, or produce a printing film, and then use a special silk plate printer to dry the business card sample on the transfer paper or film on the silk printing plate, and then install the silk plate on the silk printing machine to print

VII. After the printing of offset business cards and special business cards is completed, they can be delivered only by cartoning. At most, bronzing is required. The post-processing of business cards is mainly computer business card paper, which cannot be used immediately because of its large format and low thickness. It also has to be processed in post-processing such as molding, die cutting, bronzing, cartoning, etc

1. Plastic packaging: low thickness computer business card paper should be thickened. At present, the only way is to use plastic packaging. Plastic business cards have been popular in China for many years. At present, it is still a main form of business card production. Business cards need to be cut into business cards after plastic packaging

2. Cut cards: cut the plastic wrapped business card paper into business cards. At present, computer business cards must be cut into cards before they can be used normally. Card cutting is an important process in the production of computer business cards

3. Bronzing: many customers of computer business cards and offset business cards require bronzing the logo or company name. Bronzing is the last process in business card printing. Bronzing is to use a special bronzing machine to stamp various colors of electrochemical aluminum materials on business cards

4. Box: after the business card is made, put it into a special business card packaging box, that is, complete the whole production process of the business card

VIII. After the business card is delivered, it must be handed over to the business card maker before the whole business card is completed. This has caused the current competitive situation in the experimental machine market to be too chaotic, and the business card production task. At present, the main delivery methods of business cards are customer pick-up and delivery

1. Take your own business card: the business card taken by the customer is generally in urgent need of a customized person. The business card printing shop temporarily delivers goods unattended due to busy business. The customer comes to collect the business card after knowing it is printed

2. Delivery: most business cards need to be delivered by the business card printing shop. The advantage of business card delivery is to facilitate communication with users and form a long-term user community

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