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Doubts behind power rationing

at the time of the emergency in Central China and other places, due to the insufficient supply of electric coal, the national power gap reached 69.63 million KW, and 13 provincial-level electricity has been cut off to varying degrees. According to the statistical data of the national power dispatching center, according to the existing power coal inventory of 17.73 million tons and daily consumption, power coal can only be maintained for about 7 days. According to you Quan, chairman of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission, at present, the national power coal inventory is 20.32 million tons, and the daily power coal gap is 330000 tons. Some units have been shut down due to coal shortage, and a considerable number of units have coal storage below the warning line

some insiders said that the large-scale power rationing, lack of coal and peak power consumption were the two main reasons. In particular, "the railway has no coal to pull, and the lack of coal is the main reason", "in the past, Shanxi's coal can basically ensure the demand for power coal, and now it is in the period of coal safety production rectification, Shanxi's coal output has declined significantly, and it is difficult to supply Shanxi's local power generation"

of course, the author does not deny that these two main reasons caused 13 provincial power rationing, as well as snowstorms, are indeed objective reasons, but it is somewhat suspicious to contact the major electricity companies that have successively written to the national development and Reform Commission for price increases not long ago

some friends pointed out that it was no accident that 13 provincial-level power switches were switched off to limit electricity this time, because "switching off is a means, and forcing prices to rise is the purpose". Mr. Lu Xun once said, "I have never been afraid to speculate about the Chinese people with the worst malice." When most people don't have enough right to know and supervision, and still don't know the truth about the cost of electricity price and power restriction, it's not too much to mention that the key to the development of new energy vehicles is batteries

doubt 1: summer and winter are the traditional peak of power consumption, especially near the Spring Festival. Why can't power enterprises make sufficient preparations in advance to alleviate possible urgent needs? Since the national power coal inventory is urgent, the electricity gap is huge, and a considerable number of units have low coal storage, which has been widely concerned and valued by sample designers, molding and processing enterprises, and product manufacturing suppliers, why can't the regulatory function of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission play a role in an extraordinary period

doubt 2: the author can't help but think of the fact that the previous power enterprises have repeatedly jointly written to the national development and Reform Commission to ask for price increases, but they have met with a rebuff. This doubt is, why did 13 provincial-level power stations suddenly switch off and limit power to varying degrees shortly after applying for price increase? As mentioned above, the author of course believes that the lack of coal and the peak of power consumption are the two main reasons, but if the power companies are not forced by price increases, if they do not reserve power coal in advance, how can they limit power in a large area? Is it because power enterprises learn from the "successful experience" of brother enterprises, such as PetroChina and other monopoly giants, in raising prices by "creating" a national oil shortage from time to time

doubt 3: if the "drunken man's intention" of power enterprises cares about the price rise, the author comes to a preliminary guess. Can this be understood as the power enterprises trying to borrow the dissatisfaction of the public and power consumption enterprises with the power restriction, so as to achieve the purpose of price rise b1.71

various signs show that such doubts are not groundless and groundless. The reason why people's doubts emerge in endlessly is that people have too much power in the interest game of price rise compared with monopoly enterprises. This kind of power or coloring during injection molding to reduce the imbalance between costs and rights such as polishing and coloring of metal parts, which lacks sufficient institutional support

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