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Ministry of environment: the second round of central environmental protection supervision will be launched next year for four years. Release date: Source: Chinese paper views: 9030 copyright and disclaimer core tips: [China Packaging News] Minister of environmental protection Li Ganjie: the second round of central environmental protection supervision will be launched next year. On December 15, 2018, Li Ganjie, Secretary of the party leading group and Minister of the Ministry of ecological environment, was in China's ecological civilization on December 15, 2018 In his speech at the Nanning annual meeting of the China Forum on ecological civilization, Minister Li Ganjie said that a new round of supervision will be launched in an all-round way from next year, and it is planned to carry out the second round of central ecological and environmental protection supervision in another four years. "The first three years of the plan are still routine comprehensive supervision, and the last year is to carry out 'looking back'."

according to the information previously released by the Ministry of environment, as of December 6, the second batch of central ecological and environmental protection inspectors "look back" five inspection teams have all completed the work of inspectors. During the period of entry, the supervision team accepted 38133 effective reports, and transferred 37679 cases to local offices after merging repeated reports. Local governments have completed 26873 cases, of which 12240 have been ordered to rectify; 2991 cases were filed and punished, and a fine of 214.1436 million yuan was imposed; 186 cases were filed for investigation, and 88 people were detained in administrative and criminal cases; 1804 people were interviewed and 2177 were held accountable

according to the arrangement, each supervision team has entered the stage of drafting the supervision report and sorting out the problem files, and arranged special personnel to continue to keep an eye on the situation of local supervision and correction, so as to ensure that the outstanding mass reports can be investigated and dealt with in a timely manner, made public and held accountable, and ensure that the mass reports are implemented and responded to

compared with the first batch of "looking back" work carried out in the first half of this year, the names of the five supervision groups of the second batch of "looking back" have quietly changed, adding the word "ecology" to the original central environmental protection supervision group, which also reflects the changes brought about by the institutional reform of the State Council this year

according to the "three fixed" plan of the Ministry of ecological environment, the former national environmental protection supervision office, after renaming itself as the "central ecological environmental protection supervision office", is clearly one of the 21 internal institutions of the Ministry of environment, which is responsible for supervising the implementation of the same responsibility of the party and the government for ecological environmental protection, one post and two responsibilities, formulating the ecological environmental protection supervision system, work plan, implementation plan and organizing the implementation, To undertake the organization and coordination of the central ecological and environmental protection supervision. To undertake the daily work of the leading group for the supervision of ecological environment protection of the State Council

the second round of central environmental protection inspectors will be investigated like this in the future

"closely focus on fighting the tough battle of pollution prevention and control, especially winning the blue sky defense war, and carry out the first round of environmental protection inspectors such as wool and acrylic. It will take about three years to complete the full coverage of the second round of central environmental protection inspectors." Recently, at the first regular press conference held after the establishment of the Ministry of ecological environment, spokesman Liu Youbin introduced the work to be carried out by the central environmental protection inspector in 2018

on the basis of the good results of the first round of central environmental protection supervision, what new priorities will the second round of supervision have

looking back on the first round of rectification

the first meeting of the Central Committee for comprehensively deepening reform held on March 28 used the expression of "adhering to the problem orientation, daring to act hard, and achieving remarkable results", which made the equipment more humanized and affirmed the first round of Central environmental protection supervision

the data reflects the effect most intuitively. Since the pilot of supervision was launched in Hebei Province in December 2015, the central environmental protection supervision has achieved full coverage of supervision in 31 provinces (districts and cities) in the country within two years. During the period when the inspectors were stationed, more than 18000 party and government leading cadres were held accountable, 135000 environmental reports were received from the masses, and more than 80000 environmental problems around the masses were directly promoted and solved

before carrying out the second round of supervision, it is beneficial to consolidate the achievements to "look back" on the rectification of the first round of supervision. Luojianhua, vice president of the environmental chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, believes that compared with the first round, the second most important round of central environmental protection supervision may focus on the solution and effect of the first round of feedback problems. Chang Jiwen, deputy director of the Institute of resources and environmental policy of the development research center of the State Council, said: "looking back, the pulling direction of the horizontal tensile testing machine is horizontal". The severity is no less than that of the first round of central environmental protection inspectors. Whether the problems that have been found have been rectified in place and whether there are new problems will be the focus. We should calculate the 'old accounts and new accounts' together. "

promote high-quality economic development

the first meeting of the Central Commission for comprehensively deepening reform considered the report on the summary of the first round of central environmental protection supervision and the next work consideration. The meeting pointed out that in the next step, we should focus on solving prominent environmental problems, improving environmental quality, and promoting high-quality economic development, consolidate the construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection politics, and promote the in-depth development of environmental protection inspectors

"promoting high-quality economic development" puts forward new tasks for environmental protection inspectors. Previously, in various places, the function of environmental protection inspectors to force industrial upgrading continued to appear, promoting the transformation of the economy to high-quality development. Taking Zhejiang Province as an example, many places have taken the opportunity of inspectors to promote the transformation and upgrading of local characteristic industries. Quzhou has formulated and issued the calcium industry transformation and upgrading plan to guide qualified enterprises to implement mergers and acquisitions and asset integration. Wenzhou has promoted the transformation and upgrading of the forging and casting industry. Through supervision and rectification, 107 foundry enterprises in Dajing Town, Yueqing, Wenzhou have been eliminated and dismantled, and 31 foundry enterprises in Longwan District have been selected to be integrated into 8

"the existing supervision and accountability, supervision and law enforcement work can be seen as a stress test, which has achieved a win-win situation between environmental protection and economy. Practice has proved that the impact of promoting green development and strengthening environmental protection on economic pressure is appropriate and feasible." Wu shunze, director of the environmental and economic policy research center of the Ministry of ecological environment, said

At the end of last year, Liu Changgen, deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Supervision Office, introduced at the press conference that the second round of environmental protection supervision will further improve the supervision mechanism and gradually bring environmental protection supervision into the track of legalization and standardization

in the process of environmental protection supervision, environmental protection interview is an important means of supervision, which plays a deterrent and warning role. In the new round of supervision, the interview work will also be strengthened. "Our goal is to promote our work by interviewing one person." Liu Changgen said that the interview objects in 2018 are intended to focus on the following aspects: first, for the fight against pollution prevention and control, interviews should be conducted in areas with insufficient efforts, lagging work and concentrated problems; Second, areas where the three "ten goals" of atmosphere, water and soil have not been completed and the environmental quality has decreased significantly; Third, the areas where the central environmental protection supervisors failed to rectify and solve the problems, and caused adverse effects; Fourth, the central leadership instructions, or media exposure, strong public response to outstanding environmental problems in areas where the solution is not effective

in addition, the Ministry of ecological environment will actively guide local governments to establish a provincial environmental protection supervision system, realize the central and provincial supervision system and mechanism of national supervision over provinces, cities and counties, and give play to the linkage effect of supervision

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