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Xu plant mixing station has achieved 120% sales revenue

Xu plant mixing station has achieved 120% sales revenue

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by the end of December, Xu plant mixing station has exceeded the annual sales task, with a sales revenue completion rate of 120%, an increase of 31% year-on-year last year. Leading central enterprises such as China railway system, China communications system and Heilongjiang Longjian have purchased in large quantities. With excellent quality and efficient performance, Xu plant mixing station has been widely recognized by users. Among them, xc800s plant mixing station is very popular. S series is a plant mixing station with double mixing system. As a stable soil mixing equipment suitable for high-grade highways, it has the characteristics of long mixing time, uniform mixing, high strength of stable soil layer, and has been unanimously recognized by the majority of users

the mixing station of XCMG is selling briskly, and the sales revenue is 120%

2. The jaws of the hydraulic universal testing machine are often used one step faster than others. In recent years, with the development trend of domestic road traffic from construction oriented to both construction and maintenance oriented, and the transformation from maintenance oriented, XCMG actively responds to the pace of national road transformation and development, and constantly optimizes and improves the supply system, mixing system Increase the development and application of self-made control system and other key core technologies such as electric control system, so that the stability and automation of the equipment will effectively extend the service life of the experiment, further improve the quality of the whole machine, and lead the development of the industry

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